#KnitPetiteProject: Plan Outline

Thanks to everyone who participated in the survey! Your responses have guided the following plan outline for the #KnitPetiteProject.

That said, this plan is flexible and can change with new knowledge and questions we may have. I intend to make this a collaborative process! We’ll be talking and sharing information across platforms and always using this website as the base of information.

Throughout the year I’ll be checking in with pertinent surveys and other activities so we can learn and talk about this topic in a fun, open, collective, and body-positive manner.

February: Who is Petite?

Feb 14: What does petite mean? Looking at height, vertical measurements, body shape, weight, and age.

Feb 21: How many petite women are there in the population of various countries?

Feb 28: How do you know if you’re petite or have petite fit issues? How do you identify your petite fit needs?

March: What’s the deal with Sizing Standards?

March 7: How did we arrive at the sizing we have today? Why isn’t petite the standard?

March 14: How exactly is the standard for petite different than the standard misses/women’s sizing?

March 21: Should there be a compulsory (inter)national sizing standard that companies must adhere to?

March 28: What are some different examples of sizing charts, and WHY are they different? 

April: Petite Sizing Issues; Why Should we Care?

SURVEY: Now that we know what petite is and how we’re under-served, let’s discover the major fit issues we come up against.

April 4: Is there a significant and valuable difference between the standard and petite when it comes to knitwear?

April 11: What fit sacrifices does a petite person make when wearing a non-petite sized garment? Sometimes “just make it shorter” doesn’t work!

April 18: A valuable word on taste and what’s “flattering”.

April 25: Sharing survey results!

May: How Petite affects Knitting

May 2: Is a valuable change affected in “petiting” a knit? Let’s examine some real life examples.

May 9: Shoulders, back and arms; what are the issues, and how do they line up against standard sizing?

May 16: Looking at the variety of torso length measurements; what are the issues, and how do they line up against standard sizing?

May 23: Bust, waist, and hip circumferences what are the issues, and how do they line up against standard sizing?

May 30: Petite Plus; what are the issues, and how do they line up against standard sizing?

June: Tactics to Petite your Knits

June 6: Your personal variety of modifications; what are they, and how do they differ from the standard?

June 13: What to look for in a knitting pattern; hallmarks of a design you can modify.

June 20: Are there general modification rules we can follow when looking at a pattern we want to modify to our personal petite-ness?

June 27: Math, (im)modifiable design features, and your personal taste.

July: What the World of Sewing can teach Knitters

SURVEY: Petite knitting: workbook and KAL?

July 4: Where can you find petite sewing patterns and resources and how can they help a knitter?

July 11: How is sizing in sewing different than sizing in knitting? 

July 18: Practical sewing resources for knitters.

July 25: Sharing the survey results!

August: Petite-friendly Designers + Resources

Mini Survey: What designers do you go to for your petite patterns?

August 1: Who offers petite sizing in knitwear design? What sizing standards do they use?

August 8: Ravelry and the petite knitter. 

August 15: Online classes useful for petite knitters.

August 22: Books useful for petite knitters (want to do a read-along, anyone?)

August 29: Sharing the mini survey results!

September: Creating YOUR #KnitPetiteProject

September 5: Anybody want to KAL?

September 12: Focus on your FOs and UFOs; is there any new knowledge you can apply to those pieces to make them conform to your fit desires?

September 19: A special interview with Jillian Moreno

September 26: Focus on your future patterns; what choices are you going to make when selecting a pattern?

October: Shopping for Petites

SURVEY: Checking in with how you think the #KnitPetiteProject is going! Are we addressing your questions?

October 3: What modifications can we make to off-the-rack clothes? How can we find hidden gems in our closets and make them work for our petite body now??

October 10: What should we look for in off-the-rack clothes?

October 17: Aesthetics and taking control of fashion shopping “advice”

October 24: Where do you love to buy clothes? Why is that a good shop for you?

October 31: Sharing the survey results!

November: Reinforcing Knowledge Through Community

November 7: Revisiting information explored earlier in the year; what did we miss? What can we expand on in November?

November 14: Body positive chat; destroy the negative and embrace what brings you happiness.

November 21: Victories and advice!: What would you say are your own petite fitting tips?

November 28: Share your favourite petite-fitting resource!

December: Year in Review

December 5: What did we learn?

December 12: How best can we use this resource we’ve created?

December 19: Sharing your accomplishments!

December 26: Moving forward.

#KnitPetiteProject: Plan Outline

7 thoughts on “#KnitPetiteProject: Plan Outline

  1. Meriel Crawford says:

    I find it very difficult to find clothes that fit. I am 5 foot but also pear shaped. At age 65 and a 40″ bust I find that dresses are too small on the waist and hips or too long in the trunk to fit at waist level and much too long in the length. Often even shortening the length spoils the look and drape of the dress. Woolies can be altered a little but quite often don’t look as good as they should

    1. Thank you for this! I’m adding your comment to my notes for the plan (particularly in June when we’ll be looking at the specifics of actually making our knits fit our petite bodies).
      Already, I’ve come across information that says a significant amount of the female population is actually bottom-heavy, vs. the standard sizing which relies on the assumption that women are hourglass shaped. WHY, standardized sizing, WHY!?

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