#KnitPetiteProject: Books Useful for Petite Knitters

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This post is an ongoing list: we’ll keep adding to it as a central resource for petite folks to access in order to find information on helpful books.


Shirley Paden. “Knitwear Design Workshop: A comprehensive guide to handknits.” Interweave Press, 2009.

  • this book is, as the title indicates, written to help you learn how to design knits
  • while this might sound excessive for petite fit modifications, learning the mechanics of design will help you reverse engineer patterns you may want to alter to your own measurements

Maggie Righetti. Sweater Design in Plain English. St Martin’s Press. 1990.

  • a classic, written in a very relaxed and humourous tone
  • Righetti includes info from aesthetics (like body shape/colour options) to understanding the behaviour of knitted fabric, important techniques, and designing different types of projects

Ysolda Teague. Little Red in the City. April, 2011.

  • divided into two parts, this book will not only help you understand sizing and shaping techniques, it also has in depth information that helps you modify the included patterns to your own measurements
  • these included patterns can act as a fantastic learning source to guide you through understanding your fit, what needs to be done to achieve it, and all giving you a nice FO in the end

Pati Palmer and Marta Alto. Fit for Real People. Palmer/Pletsch Publishing; 2 edition. September 2006.

  • while this book is intended for sewists, it nonetheless is a fantastic resource for knitters
  • see the #KPP post here where I talk about the many reasons this book is useful for petite knitters, including the step-by-step of the Body Graph to the tips for understanding your own shape and diagnosing any fit issues.

June Hemmons Hiatt. Principles of Knitting. Touchstone Publishing, 2012.

  • another classic, this is a wonderful technique manual for knitting
  • it has just about everything you need to know about knitting; in particular for us petite knitters, this book includes information on understanding design
  • one of my favourite parts on this point is her chapter on dissecting a sewing pattern, highlighting how sewing can help knitters

Kathleen Cheetham. Petite Plus Patterns. Accessed May 8, 2017.

  • this is a sewing book; that said, it’s one of the few resources in either knitting or sewing that is directed for the petite plus size woman

Elizabeth Zimmermann. Knitting Without Tears. Simon & Schuster, 1995.

  • another classic! This is a small book, and one that is good for a shot of encouragement and no-nonsense approach to understanding your knitting in general.

Jillian Moreno and Amy Singer. Big Girls Knits. Potter Crafts, 2006.
Jillian Moreno and Amy Singer. More Big Girl Knits. Potter Crafts, 2008.

  • both the Big Girl Knits books are filled with designs as well as very useful techniques and tips for understanding shaping in knitwear, and making that shaping work for YOUR shape!

Amy Herzog. Knit to Flatter. Harry N. Abrams, 2013.

  • I’ve never read this book, but it is the companion to the online course of the same name I’ve taken and loved
  • Herzog has a fantastic, body positive attitude and is very clear about her advice and why she suggests what she does

Deborah Newton. Good Measure: Knit a Perfect Fit Every Time. Sixth and Spring Books, 2015.

  • I haven’t read through this book yet, but the table of contents is very promising!
  • It includes “what is good fit?”, “the aesthetics of fit”, “ease, silhouette, and fabric”, and “kinds of alterations”


Do you have a book to suggest for this list? Please let us know by leaving a comment on this post including the title, author, and reason you love the book!


#KnitPetiteProject: Books Useful for Petite Knitters

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