Join the #KnitPetiteProject and learn about fitting for petites!

Together we’ll demystify the sizing system we live within today, so we can better understand how to fit our knits to our own bodies.


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I’m 5’1″.

Over the years my weight has fluctuated, but I’ve been this height since I was 10 years old. I’ve seen that there are many ways in which ready-to-wear clothing cannot or simply does not serve the petite woman.

Which is so odd! The generally accepted categorization of petite is a woman who’s 5’4″ or shorter; according to some stats, that’s over 40% of the American female population! The average height of the female population in many countries is 5’4″ or shorter! Why are so many women under-served in both ready-to-wear clothing and the needle craft pattern market?

This year, I want to go on a collaborative knowledge-building journey with you all to examine everything about petite sizing and knitwear. I want to research, read, examine, and build skills so we can all take control of our hand knits and write our OWN rules!

  • Why are petites under-served in our garment marketplace?
  • What special fit concerns affect petites?
  • How can we alter our clothes and existing patterns to serve our needs?

We will examine these along with many more questions in the #KnitPetiteProject here on the website, with YouTube videos, special projects and KALs, interviews, social media sharing and more!

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Check out the latest #KnitPetiteProject info here!


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