meI’m a knitwear designer who creates fun, bold, fashionable patterns for women. You can find my patterns for sale on Ravelry, and browse through my catalogue here on my website.

I’m a self-professed “magpie” who is easily distracted by sumptuous yarn and constantly rifling through piles of paper and scribbling design ideas on them.
I am also apparently addicted to run on sentences; this may perhaps be traceable to my love of superfluous punctuation, general attraction to words and a dedication to delivering information in the most convoluted manner possible.

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 photo 36590643-d329-4f27-9fe1-a0597f9ce97f_zps04925ce3.jpg photo 89dd936c-aa26-40df-bd51-986ca59dcfca_zpsaca64118.jpg photo mail_zps84e5ae56.png photo 40de9092-7d91-45c8-807e-49996ecb4939_zpsb89b3976.jpg photo twitter_zpsb7d4c24d.png photo 21f24ead-0dcb-4db6-acb0-f11c8bfd6740_zps2dfeedbd.jpg



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