#KnitPetiteProject: Online classes useful for petite knitters

Our last post where we look at Ravelry and the petite knitter.
The #KnitPetiteProject plan.

All other #KnitPetiteProject posts.

The #KnitPetiteProject now has a Ravelry group. Join us!

mini survey! Who designs petite (or petite-friendly) knitwear?

…youtube vid coming soon…

This post is an ongoing list: we’ll keep adding to it as a central resource for petite folks to access in order to find information on helpful online classes.

Amy Herzog has many classes on Craftsy, including: Simple Techniques for a Great Fit, Sweater Modifications for a Custom Fit, and Knit to Flatter.

CreativeBug has a list of knitting classes; I’ve never taken any myself and haven’t had any direct recommendations. Have you? Do you think they’re helpful for petite knitters? Let us know!


Please let the #KnitPetiteProject know of any online classes helpful for petite knitters!

#KnitPetiteProject: Online classes useful for petite knitters

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