#KnitPetiteProject: Sharing the mini survey results!

Our last post where we’re gathering books that are useful for petite knitters.
The #KnitPetiteProject plan.

All other #KnitPetiteProject posts.

The #KnitPetiteProject now has a Ravelry group. Join us!

mini survey! Who designs petite (or petite-friendly) knitwear?

…youtube vid coming soon…

Quick post this week!

We had three responses to the mini survey with some good suggestions:

What knitwear designers do you go to for petite (or easily modified) patterns?

  • Anne Hanson of Knitspot
  • Lots of easy items to encourage newcomers as well as a few challenging ones for when people progress from beginners to post-beginners stage.

What suggestions do you have for the #KnitPetiteProject?

  • just joined –
  • User-friendly materials, to suit all pockets and skills, reasonable prices, comfortable for small or painful hands weight 4-5+, appropriate patterns such as textured yarns or small patterns on the knitted item rather than large. Plain-textured backgrounds with small area(s) in a different colour(s) such as cuffs/borders or even a multi-coloured design on the back (my next creation will have a decorative piece of knitting on the shoulders to be seen – a walking art gallery – practical and for all to look at. One cannot realistically have lots of features which would look too busy, so a well positioned, attractive feature can be knitted/appliqued on the back. Make this market available to as many as possible and no, I do not do knitting in the round, as I am too set in my ways. A few unisex items may be an idea and youngsters, teenagers might like to take up knitting. I will keep the flag of arts and crafts flying even if at present I am only one. I have only woken up from my afternoon nap and keep records for posterity. Markets change and another decade will see a tremendous change for the better. Teach the next generation. No copyright on my stuff, but please check for typos. Hurrary! At long last a designer who speaks up for the petites – there are many of us – unlike may I say it, Lion Brand which is an excellent website but I have seen a few start patterns at size 40″. I am the same build as one designer so I can see and fully appreciate what looks good on her, will look good on me as petite proportions are not the same as the standard model. I personally am at odds with the stereotyped images of models and welcome a different body type wearing handmade garments. Even bags need shorter straps so the bags do not drag on the floor.
    CC UK (Carol Cooley from the UK) OAP
  • A pilot scheme before launching into anything adventurous or expensive.

Following on this last suggestion, I have an announcement!

During the #KPP KAL beginning on September 1, I’ll be working out the details on a prototype petite sweater pattern!

My hope is to get this pattern ready for testers by January 2018.

Are you interested in the KAL and/or the petite sweater prototype?

Join the KAL here and sign up for the Canary Knits newsletter to stay informed on all sweater development details!


#KnitPetiteProject: Sharing the mini survey results!

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