#KnitPetiteProject: Your FOs & UFOs; what new knowledge can you use to make them conform to your fit desires?

Our last post where we talked about the KAL and the first #KPP sweater prototype.
The #KnitPetiteProject plan.

All other #KnitPetiteProject posts.

The #KnitPetiteProject now has a Ravelry group. Join us!

The focus for the #KnitPetiteProject in September is creating your own FOs.

This week we’re making use of the resource that is the #KnitPetiteProject and reflecting on what new knowledge #KPP has given you that can be applied to your current and future projects so that you can attain your fit desires.

To chat about the specifics of your project, join us in the KAL on Ravelry.

So far in the #KPP, I’ve done an awful lot of reading, writing, and primary research. What’s been missing is actually applying all this information to my own knits!

The #KPP sweater prototype is my opportunity to do this. With all your help in the surveys and Ravelry group I’ve been able to identify some common issues petite folks encounter in their knits.

This feedback has informed my choice of a colourwork yoked sweater for the #KPP prototype.

I’ve also learned quite a lot about my own size and shape through the various resources you’ve suggested here in the #KnitPetiteProject. In particular, the sewing book Fit for Real People was extremely enlightening! (See me wax poetic about how much I love this book here).

In practicalities, the #KPP prototype will be in “my size”, but as for all my sweater samples, it’ll be knit to the sizing chart specifications. In this case, the sizing will be petite, and will be based on the grade rule developed for me by #KPP interviewee, Betsy of SBCC!

#KnitPetiteProject: Your FOs & UFOs; what new knowledge can you use to make them conform to your fit desires?

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