#KnitPetiteProject: Who offers petite sizing in knitwear design?

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mini survey! Who designs petite (or petite-friendly) knitwear?

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This post is an ongoing list: we’ll keep adding to it as a central resource for petite folks to access in order to find information on knitwear designers who offer petite or petite-friendly sizing.

Petite Sizes

So far, I have not been able to find a knitwear designer who specifically offers petite sizes. I would love to add some to this list, so please do let the #KnitPetiteProject know if you’ve found one such designer!

Petite-Friendly Sizes

This list is for specific patterns that are easy to modify, or designers who generally offer easy-to-modify instructions.

  • Amy Herzog and her CustomFit program. CustomFit allows you to plug in your own measurements to a selection of patterns, and the program will generate that pattern for you and your gauge.
  • Jill Wolcott: On her post “Or to desired length…”, she states: “First, I always put “or to desired length” after giving a specific measurement to knit to so someone needing to make an adjustment will know this is where to do it. Generally these are length measurements and they occur in places when nothing will be negatively impacted as long as any corresponding piece is likewise adjusted.”
  • Thea Colman writes the following on her pattern, Vodka Lemonade: “As with all my top down cardigans, this is easy to modify for length or width, and instructions are given with tips and hints on how best to alter for your shape.”
  • Flexi: “Flexi stands for flexibility and is a sweater with a very special construction. You knit it to fit your personal head, arm and bust circumference, making it a fantastic basic model for everyone.”
  • Bláfjöll: includes the following note: “The pattern comes in seven sizes from XS to XXXL and contains instructions for petite fit (5’2” and shorter persons), medium fit (5’3” tall to 5’8” tall persons) and tall fit ( 5’9” and taller persons).”


  • several people in the Ravelry thread have suggested looking at designers themselves, as they may be inclined to create patterns that complement their own stature


Please let the #KnitPetiteProject know of any petite or petite-friendly designers or patterns!

#KnitPetiteProject: Who offers petite sizing in knitwear design?

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