#KnitPetiteProject: Where do you love to buy clothes? Why is that a good shop for you?

Our last post where we examined the elements and principles of art and how they can inform us about fashion styling and shopping advice.
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October’s focus for the #KPP is shopping for petites. What to buy? Where to buy it? How and when to modify your current off-the-rack clothes?

This post is an ongoing list: we’ll keep adding to it as a central resource for petite folks to access in order to find information on shops that carry clothes that fit some petite people.


Please let the #KnitPetiteProject know of any shops with clothing for petite people!

#KnitPetiteProject: Where do you love to buy clothes? Why is that a good shop for you?

2 thoughts on “#KnitPetiteProject: Where do you love to buy clothes? Why is that a good shop for you?

  1. Lee Wells says:

    About the only clothes I consistently purchase in the Petite range are long sleeved turtleneck shirts from either Lands End or LL Bean (both offer cotton turtleneck and mock turtleneck shirts in petite sizes; I look for the ones with a tight cuff on the sleeve, rather than a hem.) My winter coat is a petite size extra small Squall model from Lands End (it is several years old, so the style may have changed). My other jackets are in ordinary sizes, not petite, so the sleeves are too long, but I am used to longer sleeves on coats! (for skirts and dresses I sew my own, using patterns in the Junior Petite range, bought many years ago before the pattern companies dropped that size range. And yes, the formal gown pattern I used more than 30 years ago still fits)

    1. Thanks for sharing!
      My heart is warmed by your mention of junior petite patterns. I recently had a bit of luck with one that I found – I think it was actually my real actual size! Wow! Only had to make one wee swayback alterations! Makes me a bit sad that sewing companies discontinued all those various sizing categories, but I understand why they did so.

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