Me Made May 2013: Disco Romper Fabulous

This is a throwback post originally published on May 29, 2013, being reposted here as part of my MMMay18 celebrations!


I’m channeling my inner disco with this one.
And in just under the wire for MMM’13!

This romper makes me so happy I’ve gotta dance.

The pattern is from this 1970s Butterick 4121 “jumpsuit”.

So, the happy things:
-I don’t like wearing pants (ah! scandalous!) What I mean is, I prefer dresses and skirts. Pants have the nasty tendency to not fit in a variety of places. Because the waistline on this romper is so loose (and it can be, since the rest of it is held up by the top) I actually get to wear comfortable pants. But it’s dress-like. Pantsy-dress. Skirty-pants. LOVE.

-These are my first pockets. Woo! Successful pockets!

-The pattern is for a size 6, and I’m actually something like a 12, so because I like to wing things, I just bumped the pattern out by an inch on each side and voila! It fits! I suspect this is drafting sacrilege, but is forgiven but the roomy nature of the romper itself.

-I conquered the pattern that I totally messed up last year.  I chose better fabric and overcame my fear of zippers to make this happy little disco baby. Or, make this disco baby happy.

The things I would change:

-Let me tell you, people, there will be more than one romper in my future! But for my next one(s), I’m thinking I might change the width of the shorts. The original pattern has (I think) tapered legs, so for this one I had to add a little notch along the side seam so that they didn’t pull in and look too puffy (what with all those pleats!)

-For some goofball reason, the zipper runs along the front to the waist, and then they have you sew on a series of hook-and-eyes to close up the top. This creates some, um, torso-viewing opportunities. I’m thinking next time of making the zipper run all the way up as the closure, or maybe (if I’m feeling brave) moving it to the side of the outfit.

Any way, I loves this outfit. I’m stupid proud of myself for not royally messing it up, too.

So this has to be my last MMM’13 piece. But not my last romper!

Me Made May 2013: Disco Romper Fabulous

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