Me Made May 2013: Shift Dress Easy Stuff

This is a throwback post originally published on May 21, 2013, being reposted here as part of my MMMay18 celebrations!

If you jump into my magical bloggy Dolorean back to a few weeks ago, to this post has a mosaic pic of a whole bunch of retro patterns.


I just finished this 1970s shift dress, likely just like any other basic shift dress, but I’d like to think it’s just that extra bit disco for its age.

I have to say I was a bit afraid of looking like a set of drapes with this fabric, but I think it’s passable as regular fabric (it’s actually quilting cotton. Very cute and on sale, so you know, I couldn’t say no).

I’m rather proud of my hems, and pleased that the neckline actually fits – and perfectly! Even over my giganta-noggin!  It took some fiddling to get the facing to lay right (ish), but I’m wearing it. I don’t care, dammit!

Since I’ll be off and away on a vacay soon, it’s likely this will be my last FO from MMM’13. Sad, indeed.
I have plenty of plans for more sewing, so stay tuned Batman!

Me Made May 2013: Shift Dress Easy Stuff

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