Me Made May 2013: For Real This Time with Neon Green

This is a throwback post originally published on May 16, 2013, reposted here for my celebration of MMMay18!

Now this is a dress I absolutely started and “completed” for MMM’13.


My friends, I did say that I’m not a sewer.
My issues here are compounded by the fact that
1) I like to learn as I go.
2) I’m impatient.
3) I strongly dislike anything at all that I view as wasting my time.

So, this dress was made by eyeballing up a dress I purchased and very much like.

My problem with this dress is the skirt.  I likely should have flared it out just a bit near the bottom edge, so that it’s much more flowy and less…. almost pencil skirt like.

I’m thinking I can either accept this dress as-is and wear it out in public shamefully. Paranoid. Always thinking people are pitying me and my lack of the skillz.


I can attempt a fix.
I have a very limited amount of fabric left (almost a metre). Maybe I can slit up the side hems and add a panel on each side? Add width to the skirt?
Or, would this be a disaster/waste of time/no help at all?

For all my sewing peeps out there: what do you think?

ps: wearing neon green is amazingsauce.

Me Made May 2013: For Real This Time with Neon Green

2 thoughts on “Me Made May 2013: For Real This Time with Neon Green

  1. I think you should do it! You’ll never feel comfortable in it as is, so there’s nothing to lose. Go for it!
    Disclaimer: I haven’t sewn my own clothes for 30 years, but I was pretty fearless about it back then.

    1. Thanks 🙂
      I’ll have to re-locate this dress and give it a go. I CAN’T BELIEVE I sewed it five years ago! I sort of didn’t realize I have been sewing for that long 🙂

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