Me Made May: A Journey

It’s May! And you know what THAT means! It’s time to bust out your me-made clothes and share your talent with the world! You’ll find me hashtagging my heart out on IG for #mmmay18. I’ve made it something of a tradition the last few years. It’s a great way to celebrate your passion for making; hang out on the hashtag and find loads of inspiration!

If you’ve never heard of Me Made May before, it’s essentially a self-guided way to engage in making and using your me made clothes. In whatever way that works for you. The originator of the event is So Zo, and I love how open she’s made it. Would you like to learn a new skill? Increase your making? Utilize your handmade wardrobe? All of that works!

Personally, I’m participating with the goal of making most of what I wear every day my handmade items. I have so many handmade clothes that I pretty much wear something by me every day anyhow! I usually like to use MMMay to create more items, but this May is SUPER busy for me so I’ve scaled back that angle of the challenge and will focus on using and loving what I have.

I’m also copycatting a pal of mine Allyson Dykhuizen and taking MMMay as an opportunity to see the gaps in my handmade wardrobe. Analyzing this way will help me make better-informed choices about what to make next. For example, I suspect I don’t have enough shorts for the warmer weather, but is this really so? I’ll report back by the end of the month!

I love taking this opportunity to cruise around on the hashtag and see all the wonderful, creative things folks make and share. It’s so inspirational!

Over the next few days I’ll be sharing some throwback MMMay posts from my blog. Stay tuned to see how my MMMay has evolved over the past few years 🙂

Are you participating? What’s your goal? Let me know in the comments below!


Here’s the first #MMMay throwback post, originally published on May 11, 2015.

Remember the other week, when I shared with you all how much I love instagram? Well, here is another reason why it’s great: Me Made May.


I’ve semi-participated in this month-long make-along before. Essentially, you make at your own pace (many of the makers are sewing their clothing, but knitters and other makers join too!).

This year I’ve noticed that some people (me included) have altered that focus from just making to making and sharing what you’re already made.
Posting a photo a day on instagram, I’ve been more aware of how much handmade I really do wear daily, and appreciative for this collection of carefully crafted clothing and accessories I’ve complied over the years.

Want to see what I’m sharing? This photo gives you a preview of my first six days, but hop on to instagram to see more! Some of the tags you can look up to see even more people’s handmades for Me Made May are: #MeMadeMay #mmm15 #mmmay2015.

Me Made May: A Journey

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