Miss Lovegood in Love with Manos

This is a throwback to a post published on July 10, 2008.

Yes yes, those damn books have done it again (more specifically, those damn movies) and given me an idea for a new knit.

I do realize that this is crocheted, and that it’s been done already, but my idea slightly varies from the original.
Here’s what I gots so far.
And here’s a preliminary sketch.
I was thinking of something that would be more figure-flattering than the movie version. Something I can cinch. Generally loose-fitting garments don’t float my proverbial boat.

Once I get to the “finishing details” point, I’m going to have to make a decision: where to place the belt.
First I was thinking “duh, at the natural waistline”, but methinks this will be a rather short cardi, and might look funny with a belt placed at that point.
A second option I came up with was to put it right under the bustline – an empire-waisted cardi.

I’ll get pics up of each option shortly.

On a yarnny note: I am so very much in love with Manos Silk Blend. Buy it now! I’ve used it for this knit as well as Hew, and it behaves very well and looks absolutely lovely.

Miss Lovegood in Love with Manos

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