Me Made May 2013

This is a throwback post, originally published on May 8, 2013. Reposted now as part of my MMMay18 celebration!

I’m a twitter kinda kid. I dig it.

And on the twitters, my feed has been flooded as of late with beautiful projects from people, hastaged #memademay13 (or something to that effect).

Here’s what it’s about: but basically, make stuff in May!

I’m sort of automatically doing that, knitwear-design-wise, but this whole discovery of Me Made May (MMM’13) seredipitously collided with my SPRING FEVER. Srsly, I have never been so alight with excitement for spring. It’s ignited a desire for pretty me-made dresses.

And that is what I’m hoping to do with my MMM’13.

It’s challenging for me, as I’m not a big sewer. I mean, I have made the odd costume, but that’s a costume. No one will fault you if your hems are wonky (or, you know, held up by copious safety pins).

I’ve been picking up kickass vintage sewing patterns from the second hand shop for years now. The sewing desire has been laying dormant for quite a while.
Here you see some of them.

My vintage patterns – with a contemporary Cynthia Rowley one thrown in there too!

I’m hoping to chronicle some more sewing adventures this MMM’13, because, you know, I like to keep busy people!

Here’s the first piece I’ve finished (though technically I’ve been working on it since April. Not sure if it really counts as MMM!)


Me Made May 2013

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