Gone Shoppin’

This is a throwback post published on March 12, 2007.


And oh how wonderful a sale is. My sale-sniffing bud over at Foxy and Crafty wrangled me a 40% discount on Rowan. Yes, Rowan. And here it be:


This Rowan Summer Tweed (which is very soft indeed) will transform, through a bit of knitting magic, into this.
And, I haven’t just been spending money.

Here be one of the fastest turnarounds, craft-wise, that I’ve ever had:
Not only did we go to Serendipity Yarn, we also went to their tres lovely bead store, just doors down. Looky what I made.


And, lastly, here be my doppelganger;


A little off, I know. But I’m a beginner at sewing, and until I prove to myself that this’ll last, this is all I’ll get.

Gone Shoppin’

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