#KnitPetiteProject Survey: Workbook and KAL

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We’re six months in to the #KnitPetiteProject, and we’ve learned so much already!
It would be great to create something we can all refer to + personalize so we can get specific and accurate about fitting for our own bodies.

Two ideas came to mind: a WORKBOOK and a KAL.

The WORKBOOK would be a print book, including all the info from #KPP, with guidance for you to get the petite fit you want, and space for you to input your own measurements and notes. In the WORKBOOK, even more detailed and specific information could be included to answer your #KPP questions like:

  • how to shorten sleeves?
  • how to fit parts of different sizes (ie: narrow shoulders and large bust)
  • how to make something small enough in circumference
  • how to alter tricky sweater parts like yokes
  • what are the strengths/weaknesses of certain sweater constructions
  • aesthetic questions, like what’s “flattering” to a petite figure?

And, ideally, the WORKBOOK would include all new, basic designs that would be sized for petite knitters. You would have sweaters of various constructions that are already petite!

The KAL would take place on the #KnitPetiteProject Ravelry group, and we could each select a design of our own choosing and come together to KAL! We’d all be there for mutual support and advice, building a space for petite knitters to get the answers they need for the fit they want.

Please fill out this short survey; by doing so, you’re playing an important part with your community of fellow petite knitters to collaboratively build knowledge on sizing issues that are of concern to us all.

These answers will be shared at the end of July (2017) and will help us move forward with the #KPP, and will guide my decision/ability to produce a WORKBOOK and/or set up a KAL (2017).

#KnitPetiteProject Survey: Workbook and KAL

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