New Design: Pleat Sleek


Now please understand, folks, that I haven’t always been a Shawl Knitter.

And I’m not even sure I’d say I’m really totally one yet. The things that get my heart a-pattering about designs aren’t usually found in shawls.

But, when presented with a design challenge of “make something with one hank of lovely sock weight yarn!” those creative constraints unleashed my generally bold and a bit wacky ideas.

Pleat Sleek is the result of this playful dance into the world of the shawl(ette).

This design:

  • has a weird shape that sits perfectly across your shoulders
  • includes whole lot of mesh to keep it airy
  • features a swooping garter section
  • is fantastic for all that varigaeted sock yarn I know you have!
  • takes only about 1 full hank of sock yarn
  • and perhaps best of all, a super fun section of pleats that tuck in the neckline and make the shawl sit perfectly up against your neck

You can get this pattern in my Ravelry shop here.

Sample in photo knit in the beautiful Wingenhooven from indigodragonfly.

New Design: Pleat Sleek

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