To Pocket or Not To Pocket?

This is a throwback to a post published on June 11, 2008.

I have been rather monogamous in my knitting as of late, and have finished* up the Corona hoodie.
Oooo, don’t I look horribly smug!
I’m throwing my arms up in the air – yes, this is another very badly lit bathroom-night-time-gotta-take-a-pic photo. As you may be able to tell, this is not an FO pic – my camera is currently on vacation, and will return in a few days time.

I say finished* with an asterisk because I’m undecided as to whether I should put a pocket on the front of the hoodie. You know, a hoodie pouchy pocket. I have plenty of yarn to do it with, but I’m not sure if it will spoil the garment. I like pockets on hoodies, so I’m slightly divided over the issue.

What do you think? Pocket or no pocket?

I am (sort of, at one point, probably) planning on making another one of these, but with a different cable pattern. Not that I don’t like this little honeycomb pattern, but I was sort of envisioning a wider cabled edging than this.


I’ve also learned a lesson: don’t try to make up a new-fangled hood design without thinking the damn thing through thoroughly. I thought I’d be sooooo clever and make a hood that would sit flat on my head, as opposed to doing that little elven pointy thing that many-a-hoodie does. The plan, she no worked out. The rip-back wasn’t as terrible as it could have been, but a mathematically-humbling experience it certainly was. Does anyone know of a pattern that gives you a “flat-top” hoodie?

Gracious, I’m full of questions (and attempts at deadpan sarcastic wit).

I’ll post back in a couple days’ time with the results of the Great Pocket Indecision of 2008.

And FO photos.

Good ones this time.

To Pocket or Not To Pocket?

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