Big Talk

This is a throwback to a post published on June 6, 2008.

I spend a lot of non-yarning time surrounded by beautiful art, a quiet atmosphere and general conductivity of knit-dreaminess. I also spend time on public transit, where this penchant for knit-dreaming comes in handy for blocking out the decidedly non-beautiful and non-quiet atmosphere.

Basically, it’s always floating around in there.

And I see that sometimes (on this blog, I blush) I talk “big” about thinking about patterns and designing.

Here is some proof that I actually do (sort of) think these things through:


Did I mention I like to sketch? I can’t help myself. I fear the idea will scramble out of my mind and be gone forever. Thus my obsession with addiction to collection of pretty blank note books.
(BEGIN NERD ALERT::I just bought two yesterday. I highly recommend PaperBlanks note books – they’re very cute, with little pockets in the back, magnetic clasps and those shiny ribbons that you mark your page with. :: END NERD ALERT!)

The top sketch is of a hoodie I’m procrasti-knitting right now.
This second sketch is of one that I’m calling “Elizabeth” – based on a portrait of Bessie I when she was something like 12-14 years old. I like the idea of recreating knits based on historical portraiture. Not sure where I can go with that, precisely. But I’ve put it up on my Rav project list, so stage one of me pressuring myself to think about it is complete.
(for any interested in my own brand of self-pressure methodology, I can just say it consists of writing shit down, putting it in obvious places, and then ultimately chucking it and creating loads of compound lists whose priorities keep shifting based on new yarn purchases).
Alright, enough with sketches. I’ll be back to posting about actual knitting progress for the weekend.

Big Talk

2 thoughts on “Big Talk

  1. I love the promise of a fresh notebook. My current favorites are spiral bound quad ruled paper with an opaque plastic front cover. One notebook usually gets me through a year. I keep an index in the front, with page numbers sending me to the back.

    I’m a terrible sketcher, but I can take copious notes and chart stuff out in these notebooks. Working so far!

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