This is a throwback to a post published on September 19, 2007.

Alatus: Winged

On Ravelry

I must admit that Latin is not a strong point, but when I was thinking of what creative name I could come up with for this knit, I took the easy way out and simply described the item in another language. (sneaky creativity)
From the front, and unassuming (if extremely low-cut) sweater.

And from the back, my experiment with cable-mapping.

And un-modeled, depicting the truer-to-life chocolate brown loveliness that is Louisa Harding’s yarn.


Pattern: Alatus (self designed exploration of cable mapping)
Yarn: Grace by Louisa Harding (6 skeins)
Things I’d change: As usual, there are several. First, I’d add some more space to the front-sides around the neckline. I’d also curve the neckline a bit more too. It came out more square than I had envisioned. I’d be more careful about shaping the sleeve cap (since I had to pull them both out several times to achieve a normal-appearing shape). The sleeve-holes would be about an inch longer too. It’s not tight there, but there certainly could be more room. I’d also be more meticulous in my counting for the pattern. Unfortunately, up near the arm shaping, I ran out of room and had to sacrifice a feather or two.

What I love about it: mostly the yarn. It’s like butter. Oh so wonderful, and the most perfect shade of chocolate brown I’ve ever seen in a yarn. Highly recommended.
Three-quarter sleeve rock the boat. You save yarn, it still keeps you warm, and yet you don’t have to worry about the cuffs getting worn or crappy. It also saves time on the much-dreaded sleeve knitting.

This knit depends on another (as yet unfinished) knit for a large part of it’s prettiness. I’ll photo them together when/if I can get it completed before October 1. (mais oui, self-imposed deadlines once again).

I’ve been playing with the idea of posting the cable chart, but I think it’s only discernible by me.

Come on cold weather! I can’t wait to wear this puppy!

***Link to Pattern on Craftster***




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